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Calling for responses to research into supply chain best practice

8th April 2019

Conducting research on ‘Supporting innovation and best practice in the materials supply chain: communicating and learning with suppliers and end-users’ through the University of Hertfordshire-Tarmac Sustainable Living Partnership.

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The Research Project

This is to explain the purpose of the project we are researching at the University of Hertfordshire - and introduce the online survey investigating materials choices in the construction industry supply chain. Specifically, the research we are doing seeks to shed light on decisions made about materials in sustainability terms. We are looking at the relative significance of a range of potential factors that impact on these decisions.

The research this survey is a part of is funded by Tarmac, and being undertaken through a UH-Tarmac Sustainable Living Partnership that was established in 2011. As well as this survey we are doing a number of in-depth interviews as part of case studies of materials supply chains around the country.


The Survey

This survey and the wider research focuses on the 'building envelope'. The research draws on a variety of primary and secondary data sources relating to purchasing and specifying decisions about building materials. Central to the research evidence is this survey of industry stakeholders. Both the University of Hertfordshire and Tarmac would like to encourage as many such stakeholders as possible to complete the survey. 

Our survey piloting suggests that the survey will take approximately twenty minutes to complete online.

We at the University of Hertfordshire would be most grateful if as well as filling this in yourself, you would forward the survey to your colleagues, members or readers in the construction and related industry,  to encourage as wide a take-up of the survey as possible among people involved in materials supply chains. This will enrich our data and, ultimately, our research analysis. The survey is completely anonymous to take part in unless you wish to include your contact details in order to do a follow up interview with us.


The Results

The results of the survey are also anonymous but will provide crucial information that will feed into our data set. The results will then contribute to the overall data analysis we do from the survey and our case study research. These results and conclusions will be detailed in a research report which will be available as a downloadable file from the University of Hertfordshire’s website later in 2019 or early 2020.

We have undertaken a detailed Ethics application for this research through the University of Hertfordshire Health and Social Science ethics process.

The Protocol Number is BUS/SF/UH/02856.


If you have any queries regarding the survey or the wider research, please contact Dr Susan Parham at the University of Hertfordshire –


Many thanks,


Dr Susan Parham

Principal Investigator

University of Hertfordshire


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