Supply Chain School

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School Governance

The School is a legally binding partnership but not a legal entity. Partners sign a constitution setting out the principles and practices of the School and Schedules providing more detail about their commitments and rights depending on the type of partnership chosen. 

Leadership is provided by a School Board comprising 9 elected representatives of Partners. The Board is responsible for fiscal governance and setting the strategic direction of the School. The independent Chair of the Board is Shaun McCarthy OBE. Expert advisors are retained where required for issues such as training, media/communications and legal services. The Board is accountable to the Partners through an Annual General Meeting. The key governing document is the Business Plan which is prepared by the Delivery Partner in consultation with the Board and approved at the Annual General Meeting in March each year.

The School is delivered by a delivery partner Action Sustainability who sub-contracts services as required. Partners participate in the day to day development and management of the School through Sector Leadership Groups.