Supply Chain School

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School Board

  • This is an elected group of nine people empowered to represent partners
  • Its purpose is to provide high level governance, future direction and senior industry level positioning of the School
  • It comprises a balanced mix of senior people able to represent the best interests of the School
  • The lead delivery partner is required to source an independent chair for the group
  • The School Director from the lead delivery partner will also sit on the board but have no voting rights
  • from 2017 onwards elections are held every year but for only 4 members after year 1 and 5 members after year 2.  Straws are drawn to decide the first 4 to be elected.
  • Representatives can seek re-election after their term if they wish
  • The content of the School and what it delivers is decided by the sector groups

Ways of working

  • The Board usually meets quarterly or at a frequency decided by the Board
  • The lead delivery partner provides chair, secretariat and all content for consideration by the group, the lead delivery partner is also responsible for ensuring that partners are consulted appropriately before recommendations are put to the group
  • Representatives are expected to attend in person or by exception via video\ phone conferencing
  • There will be no substitutions – two meetings missed in 2 year term will result in exclusion (unless for personal reasons, sickness etc.)
  • If a Board Member resigns, or is no longer employed by the partner he or she worked for when elected, then the School Board will hold a by-election. At this by-election Partners will be able to nominate a representative to serve on the Board and each Partner will have one vote to elect the candidate of their choice. If there is more than 1 Board Member vacancy each Partner has an a number of votes equal to the number of vacancies
  • The group will consider the following items on a standing agenda:

               - Business strategy and planning
               - Proposals for future development
               - School and Sector Operations report

  • AOB items will be restricted to governance and high level direction issues