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Defining the relationship between project performance, sustainability performance and collective organisational values

Research Leader: Mohammad Rickaby
Location: Loughborough University
Project Timings: 4 year Engineering Doctorate - 2014 -2018

The Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering at Loughborough University, with funding from the EPSRC and Action Sustainability are sponsoring this Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programme. The project explores the relationship between personal and individual values in complex temporary multi organisation project environments. This research aims to understand the role of values on decision-making and project performance around sustainability. This understanding may enable construction teams to achieve more sustainable and competitive projects by exploiting the benefits of a framework that better integrates and is sensitive to collective organisational values. The project is currently in the data collection and analysis phase with a number of publications anticipated in 2017 and 2018.

Mohammad has now published two conference papers and has recently won a CIOB's for "Best Research Paper" for his SEEDS conference paper. Congratulations Mohammad! To view these conference papers please click here and here

For further information on Mohammad's research, please click here.

The insight gained from this research has the potential to improve performance across multi-organisational projects. A better understanding of the role individual values and/or collective organisational values play in the delivery of major projects could be a significant factor in project success.  Its’ insights could have far reaching consequences for how future projects and project teams are formed and managed.