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ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement SME Guide Outline

Laura J. Spence & Shaun McCarthy

ISO20400 Overview

ISO 20400: Sustainable Procurement Standard was published in April 2017 and replaces BS 8903:2010 Principles and Framework for Procuring Sustainably. It provides guidelines for organisations wanting to integrate sustainability into their procurement processes. The new standard has been created with the input of experts and industry bodies from than 40 countries, including the British Standards Institution (BSI). ISO 20400 is applicable to any organisation, public or private, irrespective of size or location. It is most relevant for sustainability managers; supply chain managers; environment/waste managers; facilities managers; senior procurement and purchasing professionals; commercial directors and finance directors.

ISO20400 SME guide

Making Sense of ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement Guide for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s)  is a short, focused guide written by Horizon Group members. It is useful for smaller organisations that may have been directed to follow ISO20400 by others such as clients or customers. It ’translates’ the key points of the ISO20400 standard from an SME point of view in an easily accessible guide.  This is not a comprehensive replacement for ISO20400 but will help SME’s understand the implications of the standard from their perspective and will help boost confidence when in the process of implementing it.