Supply Chain School

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About Arnold Laver

Arnold Laver provides timber and timber-based products, as well as progressive and innovative material solutions, for the construction, fit-out and house-builder sectors. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers and to be the ‘first-choice’ supplier of timber and associated products, in the UK.

Why are we a Partner of the School?

We are committed to protecting the environment and believe strongly that it is our responsibility to help preserve the world’s forests and promote effective forestry management. It almost goes without saying that our policies for purchasing material in the right way, are central to the success and development of Arnold Laver as a business. Our supplier relationships and strong ethical standpoint ensure that our activities are always geared to protecting the environment and promoting timber as the only sustainable construction material. 

By actively participating in initiatives such as the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we can further engage with customers, clients, suppliers and the wider community, to promote the discussion around construction and the best use of natural resources. 

We always strive to work in the best and most effective way, and want to be seen as a great supplier, and customer. So, it makes complete sense for us to be associated with a group of like-minded Companies that are attempting to raise the bar, when it comes to sustainable procurement. We view this initiative as something to help us and our own supply chain, to focus; reviewing our progress so-far and identifying areas of potential improvement, whilst at the same time, allowing us to promote the conversation around sustainability. 

Andrew Laver, Group Managing Director, stated ‘Our approach to the issues of the environment, sustainability, waste management and the supply chain in general, are absolutely critical to our business. In the procurement and supply of timber and timber related products, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Within Arnold Laver, this is not the latest fad, but an established and historic approach to the way in which we conduct all of our activities.’