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 BAM's Sustainability Micro-site 

“BAM is a Partner of the School as we work to make our supply chain more sustainable. We collaborate with our supply chain and the united front of the Partners sends a powerful message and will help speed up change.” 

 Nitesh Magdani – Director of Sustainability, BAM Construct UK

About BAM

BAM Construct UK has been in business in Britain since 1874. We design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings for public and private sector clients, as well as for our own portfolio of properties. 

We know that a building has to improve the experiences of the people who use it, as well as being sustainable, easy to live in and (ideally) distinctive. That’s why we have a network of offices covering England, Scotland and Wales, allowing us to stay close to our customers so we understand their issues and their environments. 

We don't take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to supply chain management – we know our performance depends directly on our supply chain. We put effort into working with the right companies, with shared goals, that aim to deliver exceptional, innovative and sustainable solutions through the whole lifecycle of a building. We aim to maintain and improve relationships for the long term, to benefit us, our suppliers – and most importantly, deliver great results for our clients.

We care about the environment and the communities we operate in. For BAM, investing in sustainability is ultimately good for growth – both our own – and that of the wider economy. It’s a strategy that’s helping us move away from doing ‘less bad’, towards doing ‘more good’. We aim to give our clients carefully planned, responsibly built, sustainable buildings, while our facilities management capabilities allow us to lower a building’s energy consumption and operational costs, creating value at every stage of a building’s lifecycle. 

That is why BAM is a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we recognise that with the right skills and knowledge, contractors and suppliers will be equipped to meet the growing sustainability challenges presented by the sustainability agenda, forge new business opportunities and realise commercial benefits.

About BAM Nuttall

BAM Nuttall is 150 years old in 2015. We have always been focused on delivering safe, high quality projects on time and within budget. We always look to reduce waste, increase efficiency and add value in everything we do. The reuse, recycling and recovery of many materials is common practice across the company.

"We have a reputation for excellence and have the confidence and capability to rise to the most demanding of technical challenges. We regularly recommend innovative alternatives that are adopted by our customers and we are proud of our long history with many supply chain partners. We recognise and embrace our responsibility to do more and fully support the Supply Chain Infrastructure School"

John Hutton, Head of Sustainability, BAM Nuttall