Supply Chain School

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“At the Berkeley Group we value our supply chain as they help us with our aim of generating long-term value by creating successful, sustainable places where people aspire to live. We are delighted to be Partners of the new Supply Chain Sustainability School for Homes to support the resource for our suppliers and to encourage sustainability within our supply chain. The School has a plethora of materials and resources which help provide consistent messaging on sustainability to the supply chain” Lorraine Fursland, Head of Sustainability.  

The Berkeley Group build homes and neighbourhoods. We focus on creating beautiful, successful places in London and the South of England. We work together with other people to tackle the shortage of good quality homes, and make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities we help create.

Berkeley's plan for the business is called Our Vision. This focuses on five key areas: customers, homes, places, operations and people. Through this framework we are striving to become a world-class business.

To help us achieve Our Vision, we have made commitments across the five key areas. Within this we recognise the importance of working with our supply chain as they are crucial to helping us deliver our sustainability goals.