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About CITB

CITB are sponsoring the Supply Chain Sustainability School, allowing us to provide you with free support.  CITB believe that developing the skills of workers in the construction industry is crucial to the health of the UK economy – that’s why we are working with employers to make sure our industry has the right skills in the right place, at the right time CITB through our recently launched Growth Fund is delighted to be able to help fund this important initiative which will help construction suppliers to develop the skills to allow them to access the many new opportunities that will result from our industries need to rise to the sustainability challenge set by both our customers and government.

CITB are the Sector Skills Council and Industry Training Board for the construction industry
, working with industry, for industry to deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified UK construction workforce. We work with construction companies to help them improve skills, increase their competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face – from the low carbon agenda, through to reducing costs on-site and recruiting the best and brightest talent for their sector Text will be updated next week by Cskills.