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About Danny Sullivan Group

Established in 1986, with a current workforce of over 1,500 employees, The Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) has been collaborating with their clients in the supply of quality skilled professional labour to the air, civil engineering highways, nuclear, rail, security, tunnelling and utilities sectors. For the DSG, client relationships are about partnership; we work closely together to find solutions to problems and are proudly recognised as industry leaders in delivering totally managed staffing solutions and health & safety expertise throughout the UK.

We know that the DSG’s impact on climate change, resource depletions and the expectations of our customers, employees and society will continue to escalate.  These impacts will affect us all in both our work and personal lives. We aim to ensure that the DSG plays a significant role in helping to make sustainability a priority. The group have created a sustainability roadmap that will endeavour, with the knowledge and resources that the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) provide, to make the DSG sustainable by 2020. 

We believe that sustainability is a collective responsibility and by becoming a partner of the SCSS we can collaboratively approach the challenges and opportunities we face within the industry.  We want to see our clients, partners, employees and communities thriving in a future which is environmentally and socially sustainable. 

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