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Fortel - Leading in Sustainability

Fortel is one of the UK’s largest and most trusted suppliers of labour, trades and construction professionals, as well as being an SIA ACS security services provider and groundworks and concrete contractor. Our whole approach seeks to minimise environmental impact and carbon emissions while maximising the use of local supply chains and creating repeatable processes for productivity and value -Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Since our establishment in 1998, our rapid and consistent expansion to over £80m turnover has been driven by our values, which are founded on the principles of Sustainability. This growth has been recognised by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 award; the sustainable practices that have enabled it are embedded in the hearts, minds and processes of our 1,750 employees and across our entire supply chain. 

We are fully committed to sustainable and efficient working, from the materials and technologies we use to planning the most fuel-efficient staff transport logistics. Our belief that innovation is a key enabler of Sustainability led us to help found the 'Connect Alliance' (please visit for more details) – a major businesses collaboration focused on delivering HS2 in a sustainable and holistic way, fully aligned with the aims of the UK Construction Strategy 2025.

Alongside this fundamental commitment, we are currently implementing numerous specific initiatives, such as a major investment in new, more fuel-efficient vehicles that, combined with our unique practice of transporting complete teams to site, significantly reduces our carbon footprint. We’re also replacing and supplementing mobile guards in vehicles with drones on large sites, which not only improves coverage and the resilience and reach of our service, but also brings down both costs to clients and carbon emissions.

We know that our people are key to our ability to deliver our goals, and since we started out some 20 years ago we have advocated strong corporate responsibility, generously supporting the community in which we work and taking an ethical approach to strategy. This is reinforced by an explicit commitment to Ethical Fair Trading based on Anti-Slavery Principles that ensure every member of our workforce receives a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and that all our businesses and suppliers follow these same rules. 

We are inducting all of the apprentices we are recruiting fully into our values, at the heart of which is Sustainability. These sustainable principles also feature strongly in our drive to ensure we develop highly efficient working via mechanisms such as managed service desks at client premises to streamline labour supply and financial management, and innovative site solutions that maximise productivity and value. 

This collaborative and innovative approach to business allows us to stay ahead of upcoming issues, such as Brexit or BIM, and to design solutions in advance for and with our clients, with whom we work very closely as true partners in everything we do.