Supply Chain School

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‘To be a truly sustainable organisation we need to look beyond our own operations to the supply chain as they are the key to helping us achieve our sustainability targets and objectives. The school is a great way to get the sustainability message across and educate our supply chain.' 

Stewart Davenport, Managing Director, Lovell Partnerships

Why are we involved?
Our sustainability strategy is based on the three pillars model of sustainability (People, Planet, Profit).

Under the ‘profit’ pillar we have made a commitment to procure sustainable products and services where possible. Only our supply chain can help us to achieve this. Lovell is keen to support the Supply Chain Sustainability School as it is a great way to get the sustainability message across to our supply chain. The school will provide our supply chain with the knowledge and expertise needed to help them become a more sustainable business.

Having a more knowledgeable supply chain will not only help us achieve our targets and objectives, it will help the industry become more sustainable as a whole.