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About Osborne

Osborne is one of the UK’s leading construction businesses who create the structures and spaces that provide an environment for people to thrive in.

We strive to be a vibrant growing business, chosen for our customer led solutions.

Being family owned, means we have the freedom and flexibility to take a different approach, providing the best solution for our customers and putting them at the heart of everything we do. From rail to road, housing to healthcare, however large the project or contract, we know that it is always personal to the people who use it and those that are responsible for it.

The construction industry has changed enormously since we started 50 years ago, but our ethos is still as true today as it was when Geoffrey Osborne started the business - it’s all about the customer. Our biggest asset is our people, through the service they provide to our customer and in turn, the benefits our projects deliver to their customers.

Recent projects include a 388 bedroom student accommodation block and a new library for Roehampton University with a combined value of £52m. A new library  for Royal Holloway university; A theatre redevelopment for the Royal Academy of Music; a 356 Student accommodation block for Southampton University and 416 Bedrooms for Crown student living in Reading.