Supply Chain School

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 “Sir Robert McAlpine has been part of the Supply Chain Sustainability School since the very start and we are proud to call ourselves a partner of the School. Working responsibly is one of our core values and we will continue to work with the School to support our supply chain on their sustainability journey.”

Craig Lucas, Head of Procurement. 

Sir Robert McAlpine is a leading UK building and civil engineering company and a founding partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We understand that as well as being the right thing to do, working sustainably also makes good business sense. Our aim is to become the Sustainable Contractor of Choice by 2019 but we know we can only do this with the help and support of a skilled and knowledgeable supply chain.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School helps ensure our supply chain have a complete understanding of our priorities and are able to provide more sustainable products and services which improve efficiency, save money and allow us to better meet clients' needs.

The School plays a powerful role in driving cultural change and delivering improvements in knowledge and competence across the industry on sustainability. It provides a valuable forum for those involved in the construction supply chain to engage with and tackle sustainability issues both as part of their businesses and collaboratively as part of the wider industry. 

The many different learning tools the School provides, from workshops to e-learning modules, ensures that learning is accessible to all and the key sustainability challenges within the industry are communicated across the supply chain. We believe that the collaborative approach the School supports is key to a more sustainable future.