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UK based paving and walling manufacturer, Tobermore, is very proud to be part of the Supply Chain Sustainability School as the company supports the schools aim to decouple the link between economic growth and increased environmental impact.

As a European Business Excellence Award winner, Tobermore, is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of business operations and is particularly passionate about reducing the impact of construction on the natural environment since this is an important issue with the growing UK population and the increasing demand on finite resources.

Tobermore’s dedication to sustainability in construction is demonstrated through the incorporation of eco-friendly manufacturing methods at the company’s 50 acre production plant in Northern Ireland. A rainwater harvesting system that allows products to be created with recycled water is featured on site, and the installation of solar panels on the factory roofs and a 250kW wind turbine allows products to be produced with renewable electrical energy. All Tobermore paving and walling products benefit from these green manufacturing methods and thereby achieve a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Tobermore also offer an Eco Paving and Walling range. These products achieve their ‘eco’ status due to the large percentage of recycled content they are manufactured with. This involves waste concrete material, which usually comes from damaged or imperfect concrete product units that will go unused, undergoing a crushing process. As the waste material is crushed, it is condensed into recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) as a partial replacement for primary aggregates. The beauty of the Eco Paving and Walling range is that the products provide an equal performance level and all the aesthetics of the standard product equivalents, but with valuable environmental benefits.

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