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Sustainability skills for procurement professionals

Sustainability skills for procurement professionals

Procurement professionals are the key enablers of a sustainable built environment. They are not expected to be experts in sustainability but to operate effectively, they must have working knowledge on a range of topics. Improve your knowledge in an industry where sustainability is becoming a core competence.

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It is estimated that 70% to 80% of a main contractor’s revenue goes to the supply chain, so procurement professionals are the gatekeepers to a sustainable built environment. These resources will help to improve sustainability knowledge in the context of procurement.

Access resources in three ways:

I. Navigate resources using the ISO 20400 procurement process (below)

II. Take the courses at levels 1 – 5
III. Browse our resources to see what suits you best

Get a CPD certificate for every e-learning module taken and receive a course certificate for passing the prescribed number of modules in a learning course.

Want more? Review our broader learning page for additional resources.

Level 1 – A generic Learning Pathway comprising 3 e-learning modules and 2 videos. It gives you the basics and should be applicable to all procurement people. You need to pass 2 modules and view the video to get a certificate.

Level 2 – Covers some of the sustainability challenges you are likely to encounter in your work and the knowledge you gain will help you overcome them. You need to pass 7 modules and download 2 documents to get a certificate.

Level 3 – Covers some of the more advanced issues you may come across such modern slavery risks. There is also an opportunity to practice your leadership skills. You need to pass 5 modules and a document to get a certificate.

Level 4 – Goes into more detail on specific issues such as social value and supply chain mapping. You need to pass 7 modules to get a certificate.

Level 5 – Has a focus on the whole supply chain where we introduce subjects such as lean construction and the circular economy. You need to pass 6 modules to get a certificate.

Take the course

You can complete a Learning Pathway at Levels 1-5 depending on your current level of knowledge and what you feel you need to learn. You don’t have to pass one level to move on to a higher level. It is your choice.

Introduction to Sustainable Procurement

Shaun McCarthy of Action Sustainability tells us what sustainable procurement is, and why it’s important to the business world.

Introduction to sustainable procurement

Key resources

See a selection of key resources that are part of the procurement learning path. To access the full list of resources for this learning path, go to "view courses".

Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement
Sustainable Procurement
Modern Slavery
“The demands on procurement professionals are forever changing. Although we don’t expect procurement people to be experts in sustainability, they must be expected to have a working knowledge. These resources help you to learn what you need to know at your own pace.”
Dale Turner FCIPS, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain, Skanska UK and founding member of the School Board

Key topics associated with procurement

Procurement professionals should be aware of the following topics, each containing useful resources to access alongside this learning path.

Sustainable Procurement

Procurement that has the most positive environmental, social and economic…

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management involves proactively developing and implementing supply chains…

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Modern Slavery

With 40 million victims estimated by the Global Slavery Index…

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A global perspective

The social enterprise business of our delivery partner, Action Sustainability Community Interest Company supports a global community of practice in sustainable procurement.

ISO 20400

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Our team

The Procurement special interest group is managed by the Supply Chain Sustainability School and chaired by Dale Turner, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain at Skanska.

Dale Turner, Skanska
The group developing this section is chaired by Dale Turner FCIPS, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain at Skanska UK and a founding member of the School Board.
Shaun McCarthy, Supply Chain Sustainability School
The group is facilitated by Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.
Sara Gouveia, Supply Chain Sustainability School
The group is efficiently supported by marketing professional Sara Gouveia from the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Our Partners

The Procurement special interest group is a collaboration between clients, contractors and suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the procurement skills of their supply chain.