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Alcumus Group


Established in 1979, Alcumus have grown to become the UK’s market-leading provider of technology-led compliance and risk management solutions.

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We help create better workplaces. Keeping people safe, reducing risks and simplifying processes through our expert teams and our technology.


Create great relationships with our customers to understand their needs and support them to build strong, resilient businesses. We deliver the service and technology which helps them create safe and effective workplaces.

What we believe…

By building great relationships with our customers, we understand their needs and provide a range of technology solutions, advice and support that helps them identify and minimise risks, navigate compliance allowing them to create better workplaces and keep their people safe.

Why we believe it…

Our values shape who we are, what we do and how people see us. By being COLLABORATIVE, we keep people safe and reduce risks with our expertise and technology. Being ACCOUNTABLE, we deliver on our promises and take accountability for our actions, so our customers get the dedicated support they need. Being KNOWLEDGEABLE, we deliver the service and expertise needed through our in-depth knowledge of sectors, regulations and challenges. Being INNOVATIVE, we provide a range of market leading tools and technology to help simplify processes to create better workplaces.

How we help…

Whether a contractor, SME or multi-national enterprise, Alcumus helps our clients to create better workplaces to help keep people safe, through our market-leading products and services. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver market leading technology and solutions with an in-depth expertise and understanding across a range of industries, which includes the construction and building sectors. Our products include Supply Chain Management, EHSQ Software, UKAS Accredited Certification, HR and health and safety guidance.

“We’re proud to partner with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to help industries manage the substantial challenges across all levels of the supply chain, from sustainability issues, to the impact of Brexit and of course the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re deeply committed to supporting the community and industry with the resources to address risks, build business resilience and help create safer workplaces. ”
Alyn Franklin, CEO of Alcumus

Sustainability and Supply Chain

To Alcumus, sustainability means we consider social, economic and environmental sustainability in all our business decisions. We expect our supply chain partners to also consider the environmental, social and economic impact of their activities and support us in achieving our sustainability goals.

We help businesses achieve their sustainability credentials through our products and expertise, which helps them to demonstrate their credibility and competence and provides a network that connects accredited, sustainable suppliers to like-minded clients.

Why a Partner?

Our partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School compliments our vision to create better workplaces and help industries like construction meet challenging sustainability targets. Alcumus will work in collaboration with the School’s Partners to share knowledge and provide members with free resources and support for more efficient and sustainable projects.

Experts from across Alcumus will share essential know-how in environmental, social and economic sustainability issues that includes health and safety, reducing waste and energy consumption, climate change, technology and applications, modern slavery, ethical trading, and enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility monitoring and management.