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Enva is a leading provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, with locations across the United Kingdom.

With sustainability at the forefront of our proposition, we recover a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials for re-use in manufacturing and energy conversion.


Enva is committed to meeting the needs of society today without impacting the ability of future generations to do the same. We do this by placing the three pillars of sustainability at the core of everything we do. Continual measurement and review enable us to constantly develop new ideas and optimise the value we create.

At Enva we are committed to recycling and resource recovery; it forms the basis of our business strategy and our values. We support the life cycle of waste products to provide either a second life, such as the production of energy or, in many cases, closed-loop recycling solutions. Our dedication to developing new and innovative products and solutions and extending the life cycle of the world’s resources is driving our business forward.

Enva and Sustainability

Enva converts as much waste as possible into new materials, products and energy sources, diverting it from landfill and helping our customers realise both commercial and environmental benefits. We strive to provide closed-loop recycling solutions where waste materials are separated and recovered as secondary resources or used in the manufacture of new products. Where this is not possible, they are used as a fuel in the production of sustainable energy. Whether it’s producing recycled glass cullet for new bottles, aggregates for the construction industry or energy from waste oil, very little of what we collect is sent to landfill.

We don’t simply collect waste – we transform it. We operate a diverse and fully owned fleet of state-of the-art collection vehicles, designed to ensure the safe collection and transportation of all general, specialist and hazardous waste materials. Recycling and recovering as much of the material that we collect as possible, maximises the environmental and commercial benefits and keep landfill disposal to a minimum.

Why a Partner?

Partnering businesses to deliver a fully compliant and cost-effective service with the waste hierarchy at its heart is an enabler for modern organisations to meet their commercial and sustainable aspirations.

We are delighted to be a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and absolutely share their ethos of reducing our negative impacts and increase the positive. We are committed to driving sustainability through ours and our supply chains operations.