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Labour Group

Uncovering potential risks posed when sourcing labour for your project.

Best practice sustainable procurement within the labour category

The labour group is formed of our school Partners and other key stakeholders with the purpose of collaborating to address key issues relating to the workforce of our industry. Considering how we use sustainable procurement to drive better workforce requirements, whether that is through labour agreements, subcontracts or within supplier organisations.

People Matter Charter

The School and its Partners recognise that, without a sustainable workforce or sources of labour, the industry cannot function, so they are collaborating to produce materials for the benefit of the whole supply chain.

This approach supports the School Vision of leadership to enable industry collaboration for the delivery of real priorities in the built environment.

The definition of “labour” in this group is: “people we employ to deliver our projects” and the group is working to produce numerous resources to assist the industry with efficient use of labour and share potential solutions to demand issues.

The aim is to make this industry just, innovative and attractive to all.

Wellbeing - Sustainability Short

These days there’s a lot of talk about wellbeing and how it’s important. But what is wellbeing and why should you be bothered about it?

Wellbeing – Sustainability Short

Identifying the challenge

The outputs of this group are wide-ranging:

  • Implementation and promotion of minimum standards for the use of labour onsite (right to work checks, etc.)
  • Materiality assessments for each category of labour to identify key sustainability issues for labour
  • Training materials to support organisations including e-learning modules and CPD-accredited workshops

The resources focus on; training and development, minimum standards and supply and demand of labour within the built environment; allowing all to deliver sites which are safe, ethical and staffed.

Key labour resources

Find a selection of resources tailored to the sustainable procurement of labour. To view more, visit the full resource library.

Modern Slavery
Training and Skills
Sustainable Procurement
Leadership and Culture

Topics to consider when sourcing labour

The following topics can have a serious impact on the sourcing of labour. Find out more about each topic.


Addressing wellbeing across the value chain

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Modern Slavery

With an estimated 40 million victims worldwide, modern slavery is…

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Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Making our workplaces even better for everyone.

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Business Ethics

The identification, management and mitigation of risk of bribery, corruption…

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