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HS2 Main Works

Sustainability skills to support HS2 Main Works

Your HS2 learning journey

HS2 is one of the most exciting and demanding projects in Europe. Phase one will deliver a high speed rail link from London to Birmingham and is scheduled to be completed by 2026.



This section of the School is supported by all four joint venture partners delivering HS2 Main Works. Access the recommended learning content for the project and attend project-specific workshops:

  • Take a course at levels 1 to 4
  • Navigate resources using the HS2 sustainability requirements
  • Browse the resources to see what suits you best
  • Attend an HS2 workshop

However you choose to access the resources, you will find high quality, CPD-accredited learning content. A CPD certificate is issued for every module and if you pass and complete a course, you receive a recognised completion badge.

Our Partners supporting this initiative

All four JV partners delivering HS2 Main Works support this learning journey of the School. The featured resources are recommended by JV partners as the most appropriate to satisfy the client’s requirements. Resources are supported financially by our School Partners and delivered to members free of charge.

Level 1 – this is a generic course providing an introduction to the basic knowledge you will need to support HS2. You need to pass all 4 e-learning modules and view the video to get a certificate. (link to resources level 1 in the spreadsheet)

Level 2 – these resources cover some of the sustainability challenges you are likely to encounter in your work and the knowledge you gain will help you overcome them. You need to pass 6 out of 8 modules to get a certificate.

Level 3 – this covers some of the specific challenges we face in HS2 including climate change, skills and employment, fairness, inclusion and respect and social value. You need to pass 3 out of 5 modules to get a certificate

Level 4 – goes into more detail on specific issues such carbon footprinting, social value by design and supply chain mapping. You need to pass 4 out of 6 modules to get a certificate

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Take the HS2 course

Take an HS2 learning course at levels 1 to 4, depending on your current level of knowledge and what you feel you need to learn. You don’t have to pass one level to move on to a higher level, it’s your choice.

Resources aligned to HS2 policy

Select resources most relevant to the HS2 sustainability policy to ensure your business is fully aligned with client requirements.

Spreading the benefits
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Opportunities for all
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Safe at heart
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Respecting our surroundings
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Standing the test of time
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Performance reporting

HS2 requires the supply chain to report performance using Action Sustainability’s Sustainability Tool.

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A selection of HS2 recommended resources

Sustainable Procurement
Sustainable Procurement

HS2 Statistics

330 miles

330 miles

The total HS2 network will be 330 miles
Size of Manchester

Size of Manchester

The full network would concrete an area the size of Manchester
40,000 jobs

40,000 jobs

Phase 1 of HS2 is predicted to boost 40,000 jobs
8 of 10

8 of 10

HS2 will directly connect 8 of 10 of Britain’s largest cities
“At HS2 we recognise we are raising the bar on sustainability standards and expect our supply chain to step up. We also acknowledge that if we ask our supply chain to do something exceptional we must support them. Our Partnership in the Supply Chain Sustainability School is one of the ways we do this.”
Mark Thurston, Chief Executive Officer, HS2 Ltd.
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