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Mid Group


We are one of the UK’s fastest-growing construction companies.

Founded in 2014, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading offsite construction, consultancy and development businesses, picking up multiple awards for our work along the way.

We consider ourselves experts in offsite and modern methods of construction for the residential, education, health and commercial sectors.

We win and deliver multiple projects across the UK for a wide range of clients. Our goal is to help our clients realise the maximum value from their investment in any construction project. We are dedicated to providing enhanced value for our clients and partners, delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards possible through innovation and professionalism.

Offsite Manufacture
Sustainability & Supply Chain

Mid Group are looking to strengthen their environment and sustainability policies. We have in place policies where sustainability and social value are at the heart of what we do.
Mid Group has set a base year in 2021 and through our programme of ‘Love the Planet Through Construction’ whereby we are endeavouring to incorporate our supply chain on our sustainability journey and will achieve milestones on the way to 2030. Our ambition for 2030 of carbon net zero is without the use of carbon offsetting.

Mid Group will move to the use of 100% low emission plant on all our projects by 2025.

Mid Group is an equal opportunities employer, endeavouring, through appropriate training, to ensure that it does not consciously, or unconsciously discriminate in the selection or recruitment of applicants for employment of the company. Mid Group recognise that the provision of equal opportunities in all our activities will benefit the company, and we are committed to encouraging diversity across the industry.

Why a Partner?

Mid Group are looking to drive their own sustainability agenda forward but in the company of their peer group and other experts. We would like to work with the partners of the sustainability school to build on the sustainability skills within the construction industry. We are making progress with our carbon net zero journey 2030 with our programme Love The Plant Through Construction, however we still have a way to go on our journey.

As we move forward, we are particularly conscious that we want to provide transparency through our measurement and reporting of progress and look forward to using the Supply Chain Carbon-foot printing calculator.

On Friday 22nd April 2022 it is our intention to launch our programme Love The Planet Through Construction with our supply chain and introduce them or those that do not already know the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We are excited about the opportunities to use the online training throughout Mid Group to inform and educate all our employees.

“We are very much looking forward to working with those dedicated to the protection of the planet and driving social value as a core component of business activities.”
Cliff Jones, Director of Sustainability MSc. MRes. C.Dir. FICM FIIAI FIIRSM FInstLM FRSPH EuroOSH CMIOSH
Case Studies for Success

We have previously built FOC a “constructionarium” for the provision of IT Courses at Robert Clack school.

A recent example of our latest school event was facilitated via Bristol WORKS, supporting a group of Year 11 students with knowledge around next steps, careers options and to ensure they move successfully into Post 16.

Mid Group have undertaken gap analysis for ISO26000 Social Responsibility in the aim to implement this within the year.

Mid Group has previously participated in an “employee exchange” agreement with a Design company, allowing an individual to have an insight into a potential career opportunity before committing to the change. Similarly, in 2021 we supported a master’s Student via a 6-month part time work placement to gain practical experience alongside her studies. Upon completion of her qualification, she has now joined the business as a full-time employee and guaranteed a future career.

Our Love The Planet Through Construction programme whereby we are endeavouring to incorporate our supply chain on our sustainability journey and will achieve milestones on the way to carbon net zero by 2030.