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Morson Group


Morson International is one of the most respected names in recruitment.

Morson is committed to sustainability; we invest in our people, services and practices to ensure we have a positive impact on the communities we work within.

As the UK’s No1 technical recruiter and the 3rd largest engineering recruiter in the world, we have a responsibility to leading on sustainability initiatives within our core sectors of construction and infrastructure; rail; power; nuclear; utilities; and natural resources.

  • Environmental impact: Minimise our impact on the environment by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and continuously improving energy saving measures.
  • Healthy workforce: Ensuring a healthy workforce through health and safety initiatives, including wellbeing initiatives, led by our compliance director Gareth Morris. We carefully monitor our workforce for fatigues and safe hours of working.
  • Talent development: We pioneer opportunities for learning and development within our existing workforce and for our future workforce, through apprenticeships, training courses, scholarships and social engagement projects.
  • Community: We develop the communities we work within and are engaged with social activities such as sponsorships, local employment, and local programmes for schools. We also use local supply chains, particularly focusing on SMEs where applicable.
  • Fairness Inclusion and Respect (FIR): We have a dedicate EDI board within Morson that shapes the strategy and policies of our business and rolls out new initiatives to improve FIR across our employed and contractor workforce. This includes a well-publicised pledge to double the number of female contractors in our workforce by 2020.
  • Sustainable talent pipelines: We work with our clients, educational establishments, charities and local outreach programmes to create long term pipelines of talent that address the skills gap across technical and engineering roles.


Why a Partner?

Following our successful achievement of the supply chain school gold standard, we are excited to be continuing our journey as a full partner of the school, which will help us to ensure we are delivering our services in the most sustainable way possible.

We are keen to progress our sustainability strategy, to ensure we are continuously meeting and exceeding best practice guidelines. The online resources, events and toolkits provided by the school are an excellent way of achieving this.