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Partner Pack

Make the most of your Partnership with the School



We are pleased to provide our Partners with this private section of our website especially for you.

Designed with your busy schedule in mind, you can find here a variety of infographics, guidance documents and “how to ” videos which will support you in maximising your value with the School, as well as engaging your internal colleagues and your supply chain.

Can’t find what you need below? Simply contact Becky who will be delighted to help.

Our Partner benefits can broadly be tailored to your organisation’s priorities and we would love to discuss your aims and objectives to see how we can maximise your Partner value.

Overall benefits can relate to your internal workforce as well as your supply chain and include:

  • Over £800,000+ of CPD accredited sustainability focused e-learning modules, bolted directly onto your own LMS

  • Up to 5 half-day, CPD accredited training sessions (focusing on topics of your choosing) for your internal teams or supply chains

  • A platform for you to engage with your supply chain on your key sustainability priorities

  • “Supplier Days”, hosted alongside other relevant Partners

  • Access to unique online statistics and data identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your supply chain through our Partner dashboard

  • The ability to set learning pathways and journeys for your internal colleagues and supply chains

  • Access to 8 Market Sector Groups, at which you can drive the School’s strategic agenda

  • Access to Category and Special Interest Groups at which you can collaborate with industry colleagues to implement sustainable change on topics such as labour standards or waste reduction

  • Building relationships and collaboration with senior decision makers in companies across the built environment sector

  • Over 170 training and supplier development sessions per annum

  • Ultimately – a more competitive, skilled supply chain, leading to bottom line returns

Looking for something specific or to understand more? Contact Becky to see how we can support you.

Here are a range of videos which you, and your colleagues can watch to help you make the most of the School, your account and your exclusive Partner features:

Logging in to your account

Getting to grips with your Partner Dashboard

Website features for Partners

Your personal dashboard

Your corporate dashboard

Here is some content which you can share with your internal colleagues and supply chain to encourage them to engage with the School and understand the benefits of doing so:

The value of membership

The School in one slide

Levels of membership explained

Engaging your internal colleagues and supply chain with the School is vital to getting maximum value from your Partnership. See below some sample email copy which you can adapt and send out to notify contacts of your Partnership, and to encourage them to get engage.

New Partner - email copy to send to internal colleagues

New Partner - email copy to send to your supply chain

Partner - email copy to engage internal colleagues

Partner - email copy to supply chain who are yet to register

Partner - email copy to engage your registered supply chain

Please note: These templates are in a draft format for you and designed to act as a guide on which you can expand. Feel free to amend them so that they fit within your corporate brand and industry sector.

In short, it means that you are focused on developing the sustainability skills and knowledge of your workforce and supply chain. The School Partnership is a legally constituted partnership, and all Partners are required to sign a Partner Schedule which forms part of our Constitution, as well as our Code of Ethics.

Why become a Partner?

Partnership with the School offers many valuable resources and a wealth of knowledge and expertise through the opportunity of collaboration.

The value of Partnership

Our Partners talk about why they choose to work together in collaboration through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Our Partners

The School is a collaboration between clients, contractors and suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the skills of their supply chain. They pay for the School, so it's all FREE for you.