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Peel Ports


About Us...

Peel Ports Group, one of the largest port operators in the UK, handles over 70 million tonnes of cargo annually through its unique network of seven ports covering all sides of the UK and major centres of growth, including London, Glasgow and North West England.


With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the company offers businesses the opportunity to benefit from efficient and sustainable port-centric solutions, making it an ideal partner for establishing storage, distribution, or even manufacturing facilities.

Backed by extensive expertise, capabilities, and a strong safety culture, Peel Ports Group is well-equipped to support major projects nationwide, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of commodities. Leveraging their existing infrastructure, their ports can be swiftly mobilised to accommodate diverse business needs. Whether it involves setting up construction consolidation centres or off-site manufacturing facilities, Peel Ports can help.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Partnering with the School will be a strategic enabler to our ESG strategy and our Net Zero 2040 commitment.

Our supply chain play a key role in ensuring we deliver on our targets and make a positive lasting impact to the regions within which we work.

Through supply chain innovation and collaboration we can address key issues and challenges such as modern slavery and labour standards, marine de-carbonisation and climate change.

Why a Partner?

Peel Ports has made the decision to become a Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School due to its strong commitment to fostering sustainable practices within its supply chain. They aim to actively contribute to the construction and infrastructure sectors’ sustainability goals by joining the school. They recognise the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving positive change. As a member, Peel Ports Group gains access to a wealth of resources, training programs, and networking opportunities that enable the company to enhance its sustainability efforts.

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