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Southern Construction Frameworks


About Southern Construction Framework

By the public sector for the public sector, Southern Construction Framework (SCF) offers an efficient and modern construction procurement process for the benefit of all public authorities in the South of England.

Having delivered over £6bn of public sector construction across more than 600 projects SCF are leaders in achieving value from two stage open book procurement.

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  • SCF demonstrate industry leading performance with projects commenced and completed on budget via a comprehensive choice of industry leading contractors.
  • Provide unrivalled technical support delivered by a dedicated framework management team – from first contact to one-year post occupation.
  • Cultivate continuous development from a collaborative and integrated team approach – offering a flexible means of delivering social, environmental and sustainability outcomes targeted to the needs of the project.
  • Proactively manage contractor performance through data driven intelligence at project, framework and industry levels.
  • Guarantee resilience – forward looking: driving innovation in response to rapidly changing client needs.

Sustainability and the supply chain

SCF framework partners are committed to positively promoting Sustainability for SCF projects encompassing positive social and environmental legacies. SCF commitments are recognised in the built environment as critical to meet the net zero carbon ambition, working with communities to deliver a net zero future.

SCF Social Legacies ensure each project provides a future-proof and lasting legacy exceeding the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and clients needs and drivers to meet local, national and global goals.

SCF Supply Chain commitments include fair and transparent payment practices as an essential underpinning to achieve successful integrated working on construction projects. The SCF Fair Payment Charter applies to parties to construction contracts with the aim of helping to create a more collaborative culture, and ensure a strong, resilient and sustainable supply chain.

The goal of all SCF initiatives in this area is to ensure our clients benefit from an engaged supply chain.

“Having worked with the School for many years, from its original inception to its current form, I have been continually impressed with the plentiful and extensive resources for small, medium and large companies. It provides a fantastic and up to date resource reflecting government requirements and helps to contextualise tendering and operating needs for all companies working on construction projects. ”
Emma Bull - Senior Framework Manager, Southern Construction Framework

Why a Partner?

Supporting the SCF ambition of working closely with our local SME supply chain partners, the School provides a direct conduit for mutual development opportunities and driving best sustainable practices through the projects delivered under the framework.

Signposting clients and stakeholders through the school to undertake our mandatory Passport Training further extends the reach of the School directly to our supply chain partners who are critical to the success of the framework to deliver a net zero carbon future.

Providing a network of resources to the SCF Team and collaborative partners, upskilling and networking opportunities are plentiful and finally, adding the school to the SCF supporting network adds further mutual benefits and credibility.