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As a global leader in our industry, we offer our customers one of the largest portfolios of flooring and sports surface solutions. With our holistic approach, we can recommend the right product for every space. Our customers benefit from our market-leading expertise in major segments, including Workplace, Health & Aged Care, Education, Hospitality, Housing and Sports.

Our approach to sustainability is woven into the fabric of how we do business. When it comes to people and the planet, we don’t consider one without thinking of the other. We commit every day to the design of great spaces. This means exceeding indoor air quality standards, instituting healthy material norms, reducing our carbon footprint and creating a Circular Economy supported by Cradle to Cradle® principles, to do better for people and the planet.

To us, it’s not just a bolt-on or something to ‘bear in mind’, our three main areas of focus sits at the heart of our day-to-day decision-making:


Tarkett and Sustainability

With the challenges ahead of us due to climate change and resource scarcity, we need more than ever to rethink the way we design and produce our floors. This is why sustainability is integral to Tarkett’s corporate vision.

Climate and Circular Economy
A commitment to creating a circular economy and tackling climate change. Closing the loop on waste, preserving our planet’s natural resources, and reducing the impact on climate change.
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Good Materials
A commitment to only using good materials. Subjecting ourselves to relentless scientific scrutiny and offering radical transparency about our products.
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Health & Well-being
A commitment to your health and well-being. Creating healthy indoor spaces with the highest standards of Indoor Air Quality.
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Our History

The Tarkett Group’s leadership position in the flooring industry is the result of 140 years of experience, and builds on the talent, values and commitment of generations of entrepreneurs. Initially known as Allibert and Sommer, the company’s story begins with the ideas, energy and commitment of its founders. The Group has continuously expanded over the years, welcoming other recognised, entrepreneurial brands from across the world.

Find out more about Tarkett's approach to Circular Economy with their ReStart® take-back and recycling programme

Tarkett Recycling your flooring waste with ReStart®