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WP Group


WP Group (WP) is an integrated fuels, lubricants and engineering services company

Sustainability Policy

As strategic Mobil business partner, WP work alongside the world leaders in lubricant technology to share the latest product and application expertise.

Committed to operating sustainably, WP has recently been awarded ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management, complementing pre-established ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations. With the support of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, WP will continue to drive these core values through our supply network by providing access to the school’s self-assessment guides and learning resources.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Combining a range of energy efficient fuels and Mobil lubricants with a team of expert engineers, WP’s Sustainable Solutions Programme delivers a series of measurable performance benefits, these include;

  • Reducing operational expense by identifying cost saving opportunities
  • Extending critical asset life by eliminating fuel and lubrication related failures
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing emissions by introducing energy efficient, long-life lubricants and reducing waste
  • Improving productivity by simplifying processes and systemising applications
  • Ensuring legal compliance by providing industry training and guidance

Acting as an ISO 50001 consultant, WP are supporting customer’s manage their environmental impact with a focus on a specific ESOS initiative – Energy Efficient Lubrication.

“As a key contributor to energy consumption, asset performance and operational expense, fuel and lubrication has a direct and significant impact on sustainability. For this reason, WP Group (WP) has developed a Fuel and Lubrication Programme focussed on identifying opportunities for improving asset management and delivering long-term sustainable solutions. Partner to the Supply Chain School, WP is committed to sharing industry expertise and supporting the School’s community in achieving their sustainability objectives.”
Harriet Phillips, Programme Manager - Sustainable Solutions