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Wessex Petroleum t/a WP Group


WP Group (WP) is an integrated fuels, lubricants and engineering services company

Headquartered in central Southampton, WP Group was established in 1963 and is an innovative fuels distribution company with market-leading expertise, national coverage and global awareness.

In collaboration with key suppliers, the WP Group and Airport Energy Services teams provide our customers with the very highest levels of customer service and professionalism, quality standard fuel products and renewable fuel alternatives, market updates and the latest technology solutions.

Challenging the norm, we provide bespoke fuel management solutions, identify new ways of working and improve operational efficiencies by utilising our insights, innovations and experience to build trusted and sustainable partnerships.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

We recognise that our position as a supplier of diesel products, in today’s market, requires continual business evolution and this allows us to support the increasingly demanding requirements our customers and suppliers are faced with when working to achieve their business objectives towards a more sustainable future. Right now, we have to look for practical measures which utilise the available fuel products, technologies and data to take one step closer to achieving that future.

Fuelling change is evolving the way we work today to create a more sustainable future for tomorrow. We understand that we need to combine a range of solutions to achieve this, its not just about different products but a review and improvement of the whole supply chain and efficiencies within to achieve a more sustainable industry.

Why a Partner?

We chose to become a partner of the school as we saw it as an opportunity to get close to the key sectors we work with to develop a greater understanding of what they are trying to achieve. This allows us to ensure we are focused in the right areas to support the ambitions and objectives of those key sectors when it comes to becoming more sustainable.

For us, being a partner rather than member was important as we want to be part of key conversations within working groups across various sectors to be part of the solution and have a real input into the future sustainable developments that will drive the industry forward.