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BIM processes are more important than the technology used

Processes around BIM and digital management are a crucial aspect of implementation and are completely inseparable to the technology used. BIM processes and technology can be thought about under 5 headings opposite.  For all 5 of these the BIM puzzle, different organisations in the supply chain will have different roles to play depending on their design capability.

BIM resources
  1. Employer Information Requirements: what is required and what are the stated deliverables?
  2. Production of information: including who leads on authoring deliverables, production of models, including specification information, providing information for the ‘in use’ phase of an asset.
  3. Use of information: in relation to the planning, costing and monitoring of works. How you use information to manage risks. Who uses information, do operatives have access to the correct information on site?
  4. Analysis of information: including the use of model based analysis tools and what the process is for coordinating geometric information.
  5. Management of information: a crucial aspect of BIM and digital maturity is information management. This includes the fundamental processes for information management which are checking, sharing and file naming. It also includes how you work with others and other aspects of the project: your use of a Common Data Environment, working with your supply chain and managing inventory/logistics.

Selected BIM learning resources

Have a look at our latest BIM resources which we hope will help you on your BIM and digital construction journey.

BIM and digital maturity

How do I develop the skills to embrace BIM.

Our BIM capability assessment will enable you to understand what you need to know and provide a quick 10 point learning plan.


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Kier Project Capella – A BIM Journey

A summary of project Capella at Cambridge University, with specific reference to the importance of supply chain engagement.

Selected BIM topics

In developing your approach to BIM you need to consider your digital strategy, the training of your people, your business processes, your technology choices and of course, cyber security issues.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is not just an IT issue, it’s the…

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