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Cyber Security

Cyber security is not just an IT issue, it’s the responsibility of all of us who work in the construction industry.

Processes and solutions for securing BIM information.

Security in business operations is becoming an increasingly important area, and cyber-security – the security of your data is an essential part of yoru BIM strategy.

BIM resources

No one can ignore the threats, and having review processes in place is essential. Some industry standards are available to help, such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essential Plus and/or ISO 27001. Your client, or other companies you’re partnering with might have specific requirements that you will have to work to.

When you think about security, the maturity assessment will break it down by four aspects of your company:

  1. Security of personnel
  2. Security of processes
  3. Security of technology
  4. Security of your hardware / physical assets

You also need to think about how you establish what the requirements are for individual projects, and how you manage your supply chain.

BIM and digital maturity

How do I develop the skills to embrace BIM.

Our BIM capability assessment will enable you to understand what you need to know and provide a quick 10 point learning plan.

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Cyber security and the construction industry

Eric Rae of KPMG is a cyber security expert. He recently spoke to a group of construction industry stakeholders about the importance of adopting and maintaining sound cyber security practices for their businesses.

Selected BIM training resources

Have a look at our latest BIM resources which we hope will help you on your BIM and digital construction journey.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Selected BIM topics

In developing your approach to BIM you need to consider your digital strategy, the training of your people, your business processes, your technology choices and of course, cyber security issues.

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Digital Assessment
Use the Digital maturity matrix assessment to benchmark your organisation's knowledge against the industry, meet client requirements and get your business recognised.
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