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Digital model of London Bridge Station - Courtesy of Network Rail & Jacobs

Effectively implementing BIM

The first thing to consider about BIM is your understanding of client and project requirements and how to address these, specifically around BIM level 2.

It’s important that an understanding of BIM level 2 is not isolated to one person in a company or even a small team, but is distributed amongst staff who all have a part to play, including senior management.

Senior management should provide leadership to make sure the understanding is fully embedded across the business and on projects. Ideally, getting to the stage of BIM being fully integrated into all business processes, both internally and externally, is simply the way to do business.

BIM resources

BIM and digital maturity

How do I develop the skills to embrace BIM?

Our BIM capability assessment will help you to understand what you need to know and provide a quick, 10-point learning plan.

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The construction site in the digital age – Bouygues

Bouygues Construction set out how digital technology will change every role on site and how BIM's role is central to this digital transformation

Selected BIM learning resources

Have a look at our latest BIM resources to help you on your BIM and digital construction journey.

Offsite Manufacture

Selected BIM topics

In developing your approach to BIM you need to consider your digital strategy, the training of your people, your business processes, your technology choices and of course, cyber security issues.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is not just an IT issue, it’s the…

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Featured BIM case studies

See what our Partners are doing on BIM and digital construction.

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