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Ensuring the future of the industry


Practising FIR enables businesses to attract, recruit, train and retain the skills within their workforce that they need to thrive.

The FIR toolkit will increase awareness and understanding in relation to Fairness, Inclusion and Respect by providing free online resources, interactive e-learning modules, including interviews with clients and contractors.

The FIR toolkit and workshops will provide your business and your supply chain with the knowledge and skills for implementing change in your work environment, which can create lasting positive impacts.

Leading people inclusively

“Being able to challenge means you need to be brave” – look at effective approaches to inclusive leadership for your company.

Leading people inclusively

Selected FIR learning resources

We have an extensive resource library on FIR issues, dive in and look at these 4 resources or click to see the searchable library

Fairness Inclusion and Respect
Fairness, Inclusion & Respect
Business Ethics
Business Ethics