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Lean Construction


5S Workplace Organisation

5S workplace organisation is a key tool in Lean construction...

What is 5S Workplace Organisation

5S workplace organisation is a key tool in Lean construction and involves workers at all levels.

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It provides a systematic process for establishing and maintaining safe, organised and clean workplaces. It helps to reduce accidents as well as damage or loss of materials and tools – and to improve productivity. It stands for the following:

  1. Sort
  2. Set in order
  3. Shine
  4. Standardise
  5. Sustain

By implementing 5S workplace organisation in your business practices you can improve your business’ working environment, make processes quicker and ultimately improve the quality and consistency of what you do.

5S Workplace Organisation

How do I develop the skills to embrace Lean Construction?

Our Lean capability assessment will enable you to understand what you need to know and provide a quick 10 point learning plan.

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5S workplace organisation

Selected Lean learning resources

Have a look at our latest Lean Construction resources which we hope will help you on your Lean Construction journey.

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5S Workplace Organisation
5S Workplace Organisation

Building blocks of Lean Construction

There are key elements to Lean Construction and we have learning resources available to explain each to you and to help you start embedding lean in your organisation.

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Standardised Work

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Lean Assessment
The Lean capability assessment helps you understand Lean Construction processes and techniques and provides a ten-point learning plan.
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