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Onsite Assembly

The onsite assembly process is the management and culmination of all project activities used to deliver, on time to the client.

Let's start to think 'onsite assembly' not 'construction'

The onsite process is the management and culmination of all project activities used to deliver the final building or asset.

The Construction Management Association of America states: “The biggest cost impacting construction today, is that of inefficiencies built into the way projects are run and managed – not costs of raw materials like steel and concrete, or the cost of labour.”

This onsite process section of the School is project rather than production focused. Onsite process optimisation can be implemented in five elements, which are:

  • Lean construction
  • Waste in construction
  • Tools to identify and eliminate waste
  • Planning and improving workflow reliability
  • Lean leadership and project success

Good project management, as well as the implementation of lean techniques, will be required if we are to meet the challenges of the UK Construction Strategy 2025.  The effort will be worth it.  Benefits will be derived in every area, and most fundamentally will yield greater competitiveness to sustain and grow your business.

Latest onsite assembly resources

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Offsite Manufacture
Offsite Manufacture
Offsite Manufacture
Offsite Manufacture
“If you want an athlete to deliver an Olympic performance then they need to train and be ready for that moment. We don’t have the time to find and solve the problems on site, so we need to prototype the assembly process.”
Mark Howard, Project Director, Costain

Onsite assembly - the need to apply lean construction techniques

Working with the Lean Construction Institute the School has a whole range of advise and tools to help you apply lean to your projects.

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Onsite assembly case studies

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