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BIM Jargon

Whilst many of us might have missed the 2016 target, that is no reason not to get up to speed now. But wow what a lot of jargon the world of BIM has. To help bust some of this jargon we hope this list of definitions helps you as much as it did our team.

Asset information model (AIM) 
Maintained information model used to manage, maintain and operate the asset

Building information modelling (BIM)

The process of designing constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object-oriented information

BIM execution plan (BEP)

Plan prepared by the suppliers to explain how the information modelling aspects of a project will be carried out

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
Investment focused on the delivery of new assets Classification Systematic arrangement of headings and sub-headings for aspects of construction work including the nature of assets, construction elements, systems and products

COBie (Construction Operation Building information exchange)

Structured facility information for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of a project often in a neutral spreadsheet format that will be used to supply data to the employer or operator to populate decision-making tools, facilities management and asset management systems 

Common data environment (CDE)

A method to ensure a single source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams Data Values of qualitative and quantitative variables 

Digital Plan of Work (dPoW)
Interim MVD designed to work with Level 2 and provide a learning platform for the delivery of production MVD tools Drawing Static, printed, graphical representation of part or all of a project or asset 

Electronic document management system (EDMS)

System for storing, retrieving, sharing and otherwise managing electronic data

Employer’s information requirements (EIR)
Document setting out the information to be delivered by the supplier as part of the project delivery process to the employer 


Individual or organization named in an appointment or building contract as the employer 

Graphical data 
Data conveyed using shape and arrangement in space 

Information exchange 
Structured collection of information at one of a number of pre-defined stages of a project with defined format and fidelity 

Industry Foundation Class (IFC) 
Data definition for interoperable data to enable transparent data interoperability 

Information management 

Tasks and procedures applied to inputting, processing and generation activities to ensure accuracy and integrity of information 

Information model 

Information model comprising: documentation, non-graphical information and graphical information 

Information modelling 
Use of data to provide information through better understanding, by applying logic or mathematical functions to derive new data 

Information put into productive use, made actionable, given meaning 

Production focused on delivering value for the employer or client and eliminating all non-value adding activities using an efficient workflow 

Levels of model detail 
Description of graphical content of models at each of the stages defined

Levels of model information 
Description of non-graphical content of models at each of the stages defined 

Master information delivery plan (MIDP)
Primary plan for when project information is to be prepared, by whom and using what protocols and procedures, incorporating all relevant task information delivery plans 

Model View Definition (MVD) 
Specifically, defined data maturity definitions to enable identified transactions to take place (See PoW) 

Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC) 
A service that provides online courses with unlimited participation and open access via the internet 

Non-graphical data

Data conveyed using alphanumeric characters 

Operational Expenditure (OPEX) 
Costs focused on the operational and maintaining aspects of an asset 

Project information model (PIM)
Information model developed during the design and construction phase of a project

Project implementation plan (PIP)

Statement relating to the suppliers’ IT and human resources capability to deliver the EIR 

(Government) Soft landings (G)SL
Systematic inclusion and handover of a built asset from the design and construction team to the operation and maintenance team to allow structured familiarization of systems and components and fine tuning of controls and other building management systems 

Standard method and procedure (SMP) 

Set of standard methods and procedures covering the way information is named, expressed and referenced 


Provider of services or goods either directly to the employer or to another supplier in a supply chain 

Task information delivery plan (TIDP) 

Consolidated lists of information deliverables by each task, including format, date and responsibilities 

Total Expenditure (Totex) 
The total cost of delivering and maintaining an asset over its lifecycle User Individual or organisation occupying or using a built asset for its designed purpose 

Virtual construction model 

Subsequent version of the project information model developed from the design intent model by the construction supplier and their supply chain