Supply Chain School

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The Supply Chain School provides resources in a wide range of formats including e-learning, case studies and training workshops. All resources aim to increase your knowledge and competency in 4 key areas of BIM as detailed below.

Your personalised tailored Action Plan, will signpost you to those resources which are most relevant to your business and level of knowledge, taking you and your business on a journey of continuous improvement, but feel free to browse through our resource libraries which can either be accessed here by subject matter or by media type under resources.

  • Assess your BIM maturity

    With the help of the UK's leading contractors we have developed a simple to use assessment methodology, that will enable . . . Read more

  • BIM Strategy

    It’s important that understanding of BIM level 2 is not isolated to one person in the company or even a small team, but is . . . Read more

  • People Strategy for BIM

    BIM training is important, but its only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to think about your HR strategy, which . . . Read more

  • BIM Processes and Technology

    Processes around BIM and digital management are a crucial aspect of implementation, and are completely inseparable to . . . Read more

  • BIM Security

    Security in business operations is becoming an increasingly important area, and cyber-security particularly seems to be . . . Read more

  • E-learning

    The School has over 50 CPD e-learning modules that you can access.  All run between 30 minutes to an hour in length and . . . Read more