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  • Video What Happens If I Don't Do BIM?

    For all the noise and mandates, nobody is going to force you to adopt building information modelling (BIM). If you want to, you can just carry on as you are and tune out from...

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  • Web link BIM Role Definitions

    An introduction to the roles and responsibilities for BIM from Wienerberger.

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  • Video Dear Construction Industry

    Video which explains the key benefits of BIM, with a key reference to the need for training.

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  • Video Do I Really Need an Information Manager?

    Video which explains the importance of having an information manager and what they should do.

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  • Web link The Human Side of BIM

    Article exploring the human side of BIM, making reference to the new challenges faced by BIM teams.

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  • Web link What is a BIM Manager and what do they do?

    An article which explores the roles and responsibilities of a BIM manager.

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  • Web link BIM Roles and Responsibilities

    A more in depth look at BIM roles and responsibilities within an organisation.

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  • Web link All Aboard! 8 BIM Training Tips to Design a Program for Everyone in Your Office

    A detailed article exploring 8 key tips to train staff on BIM.

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  • Web link Periodic Table of BIM - People

    NBS explore theĀ PEOPLEĀ grouping. Often overlooked, the people element of your BIM strategy is actually pretty fundamental.

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  • Web link Scope of Services for Information Management

    Article which provides a summary of the key roles and responsibilities for an information manager.

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  • Web link The importance of a BIM Information Manager

    Article which explores why it is so important to have a BIM Information Manager.

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  • Video Top 5 Ways Your Project Will Benefit From BIM Execution Planning

    In the following video, "Top Five Ways Your Project Will Benefit From BIM Execution Planning," you will learn about the key components of a BIM Execution Plan, and what it can...

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  • Document / Presentation NBS National BIM Report 2018

    National BIM Report 2018

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  • Video Habits of Highly Effective BIM managers

    A video which provides an insight into effective BIM management within a company,

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  • Video Being The Best BIM Manager

    Scott Chatterton, aka the "Revit Jedi" presents how to be the "Best BIM Manager".

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  • Document / Presentation Evaluation of training needs for BIM

    A paper exploring staff training needs and BIM.

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  • Document / Presentation BIM Toolbox for Specialist Contractors

    BIM Toolbox for Specialist Contractors

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