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  • Video Deloitte: Cyber Security - Evolved

    In less than 300 seconds, experience the speed and intensity of a cyber attack. As the plot unfolds, learn how companies can defend themselves, take control of the situation,...

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  • Web link Digital Security and BIM - the safe storage and sharing of BIM data

    An introduction to the security issues associated with BIM.

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  • Web link Is BIM a security threat to the built environment?

    Article exploring the potential new security risks associated with BIM, such as the design of CCTV in a public building.

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  • Video Deloitte Cyber Security: Companies like yours

    The impact of a cyber attack can be devastatingly quick and damaging, extending well beyond financial implications into the realms of regulatory, legal, reputational, and more

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  • Web link Digital Risk: What BIM Means for industry security

    An introduction on how security needs to be considered in building construction and management.

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  • Video Cyber security and the construction industry

    Eric Rae of KPMG is a cyber security expert. He recently spoke to a group of construction industry stakeholders about the importance of adopting and maintaining sound cyber security...

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  • Video TED Talk - Why Cybersecurity is Important 

    Many people view cybersecurity as a hindrance or obstruction to their productivity, or simply a tool to monitor and track their digital movements and invade their privacy. This...

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  • Web link Implementing a security minded BIM approach

    Article exploring how PAS1192 -5 principles can be embedded to deliver secure built assets.

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  • Document / Presentation A summary of the PAS 1192 statement for BIM security

    A specification for security-minded building informationmodelling, digital built environments and smart assetmanagement

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  • Video TED Talk - Cyber Crime Isn't About Computers: It's About Behavior 

    Having a computer hacked can be life altering! We are often fearful of hackers and those who want to engage in identity theft. Well this ex-NSA agent and IT specialist will explain...

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  • Video IBM Think Academy: Cybersecurity, How it works: Incident response

    Having the proper response plan in place in case of a security breach can stop it from becoming a major disaster.

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  • Web link An Introduction to Building Information Modelling - BIM, Part 1 of 2

    Introduction to BIM, with specific reference to security risks.

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  • Web link Can We Collaborate on Cyber Security?

    Document exploring cyberspace security collaboration, a key part of BIM

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  • Web link Bechtel: Protecting vital infrastructure

    Bechtel’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Laboratory focuses on protecting large-scale industrial and infrastructure systems that support critical infrastructure such...

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  • Document / Presentation PAS 1192-5:2015

    Specification for security-minded building information modelling, digital built environments and smart asset management

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  • Web link Using BIM for Threat Assessment & Emergency Management

    An article which explores the use of BIM to mitigate potential human and natural threats

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