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Undertaking the BIM assessment?

The BIM assessment and School resources are simple and free to use.  We simply ask that you register with the School by following the steps below: 

1. Register for free online – This should take no more than 5 minutes. Once registered you can access thousands of resources through the School website, in areas such as sustainability, BIM, offsite construction, management and Lean (including events and workshops).

2. Complete the BIM assessment – This can be done as part of a facilitated group discussion with your colleagues or simply by an individual. Once completed a business-wide corporate account will be created for your business and your colleagues will all be able to access the School’s learning resources.

3. If you, or your organisation, are already a School member – when you register we will match your email address to those already in the School and where your company already has an account you will be invited to join that account. Your organisation will have a nominated School membership administrator who will need to give you access to your organisation’s dashboard. If you have any problems with this contact or 0207 697 1977.

4. Access your personalised 10-point Action Plan – On completion of your BIM assessment we will provide you a 10-point action plan that links you to 10 free resources such as e-learning modules, workshops, guidance, tools etc. which will help to increase your BIM knowledge and digital competence.

5. Download your Bronze badge for free! – Once you have accessed the resources in your Action Plan and started improving your BIM and Digital knowledge you can download your bronze badge to use in bids, on email footers etc.

6. Track and benchmark your progress – You can monitor your progress at any point, and benchmark your assessment against other School members' scores (individual company details are not provided as all responses are confidential).

7. Re-assess and update your Action Plan – You can re-assess at any time. Re-assessing and working through new Action Plans will support your journey of continuous improvement, allow you to progress to Silver or Gold membership and will illustrate your progress to your clients.

Benchmark your BIM maturity with our assessment tool

Confused by BIM terminology?
Why not have a look at our BIM Level 2, BIM Dimensions and Jargon Buster pages.