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Further help

There is no shortage of help on BIM freely available to those who want to learn. At the we see our role as not adding to this mountain of help, but instead pointing you to what we think is the best support that out there for you.

So once you have undertaken your BIM maturity assessment and reviewed your action plan, why not do a bit of BIM surfing and enjoy the waves of BIM knowledge that is out there.

  BIM video: B1M
If your preferred method of learning is video then the must view channel is B1M, the definitive video channel for construction. Read more
  CIOB BIM+: The website of the Chartered Institute of Building with 100’s of resources available and the latest new on BIM. Read more

NBS provides essential BIM, specification, knowledge management and building product information services. Read more

Periodic Table of BIM series:  Taking inspiration from the traditional periodic table of elements, NBS has produced a visual guide to the key terms and concepts you’re likely to encounter along the road towards BIM implementation. Find out more.

  BSI have developed this resource as a point of reference for all to better understand how to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and data to improve productivity and reduce waste.  All BS and PAS standards relating to BIM are freely available to download here
  BIM Task Group:  A cross industry working group has created a valuable resource and knowledge hub on BIM that is freely available here.
  Cyber Security: An excellent resource for cyber security, but you only get the first 30 days for free, so make the most of it. Click here

 BIM video: B1M

If your preferred method of learning is video then the must view channel is B1M, definitive video channel for construction Read more