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Across a range of types of learning resources we seek to bring together what we believe are the best resources to enable you to understand more about BIM, sustainability and offsite construction. 

If you are looking for online resources and find, like we did, a wealth of resources but don't know where to start then we have selected what we consider are best freely available learning aids and catalogued them below and on the other pages of our resource library.

One website that is really worth visiting is BIM+, produced by the Chartered Institute of Building this site has 100’s of resources available and the latest news on BIM. Well worth a look - read more.

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  • All Aboard! 8 BIM Training Tips to Design a Program for Everyone in Your Office

    A detailed article exploring 8 key tips to train staff on BIM.

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  • An Introduction to Building Information Modelling - BIM, Part 1 of 2

    Introduction to BIM, with specific reference to security risks.

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  • Bechtel: Protecting vital infrastructure

    Bechtel’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Laboratory focuses on protecting large-scale industrial and infrastructure systems that support critical infrastructure such as equipment that controls government facilities, power plants, water treatment plants, or mass transit systems

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  • BIM Dictionary

    A definition of what construction logistics means, from a BIM perspective

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  • BIM Employers Information Requirements (EIRs)

    An introduction to Employers Information Requirements.

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  • BIM Level 2 Guidance

    A series of resources available from the BIM level 2 organisation.

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  • BIM Level 2 Requirements

    A link to the certification and advisory materials published by BRE for BIM level 2.

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