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FIR Ambassadors' network

Do you work for a company operating in the built environment, however large or small? Will you take action to help make your workplace even better for everyone? Would you like to be part of a national network that supports you do that? Then why not join the FIR Ambassadors Network today! We already have 481 FIR Ambassadors from over 181 companies.

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What is the FIR Ambassadors Network

Read this information pack, and consider how comfortable you are with it.

If so, consider joining the FIR Ambassadors’ network. It’s absolutely free.

FIR Ambassadors: In Their Own Words

Have you ever wondered what our FIR Ambassadors think about the Network?
Why don’t you hear from them for yourself.



'Being the FIR champion within Jackson Civils has been an interesting journey for me so far. We have put together a short video explaining what FIR is and what it means to us. In addition, we are currently providing more resources to upskill our staff. Personally, it has made me understand more about my own behaviour as I promote FIR and allowed me to take a step back to understand the wider effect of FIR on all of our staff.’- FIR Ambassador, Jackson Civils 

How to become a FIR Ambassador

  1. Attend a half day “Introduction to FIR workshop” and/or “Leading People, inclusively” FIR workshop and/or complete the e-Learning “Achieving Business Success through Fairness, Inclusion and Respect” or “FIR on site: why it matters & how to achieve it
  2. Obtain approval from your employer to become a FIR Ambassador; ideally you will be supported by someone in a leadership role who is in a position to change attitudes, challenge behaviours and influence company policy
  3. Attend a “Becoming A FIR Ambassador” workshop 
  4. Sign a FIR Ambassador commitment

Benefits of Becoming A FIR Ambassadors

Training workshops to build capacity, knowledge and confidence

FIRry Friday weekly e-mails

Participation in an invitation-only LinkedIn group 

Promotional and training materials for you to use in your office or site

Engagement with other FIR Ambassadors and sharing learning

FIR Ambassador Certificate