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Every employer, employee and agency worker has basic rights and responsibilities at work. There are rules and regulations that businesses must follow when they employ people. The websites of ACAS and the UK government provide useful guidance and there are links to these within the FIR toolkit resource library.

Employers also have a common law duty of care to provide a fair and supportive work environment for all of their employees.

The legal obligations that employers and businesses have in relation to equality and anti-discrimination, in England, Scotland and Wales, are primarily defined by the Equality Act 2010

Every employer should be aware of how the talent pool in the UK is changing, in terms of demographics, diversity profile and worker expectations and tolerances. The workforce of the construction industry is not currently reflective of the talent pool and the industry faces a skills gap.

Employers should practice FIR in order to attract, recruit, train and retrain the best talent. The FIR toolkit can help achieve this. Businesses that fail to embrace FIR risk being unable to access the talent they need to thrive. In the long-term they might lose competitive advantage and fail.