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  • Document / Presentation

    Code on accessibility in the built environment 2013

    A produced for use in Singapore, but the principles it explains in relation to making buildings and external areas accessible to people with all types of needs (including children...

  • Web link

    Inclusive Design Standards

    A source of information for designers, project managers, engineers, access consultants and cost consultants who are interested in creating inclusive and accessible environments...

  • Web link

    Crossrail: inclusive design

    Crossrail's apprpach to building accessible stations and trains

  • Document / Presentation

    Dyslexia style guide for designers

    Dyslexia is single word under which a broad spectrum of issues is bundled. It's surprising how many designers are unaware of the practical steps they can take to make publications...


  • Web link

    What is fairness?

    Exert from a BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme from 11 October 2010 about the history of 'fairness' and what it means in society

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    Building an inclusive service offering

    "Stonewall has published guidance on how to “Build an LGBT-inclusive service”. It provides an interesting perspective, and an innovative business could transfer its principles...