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Helping you understand Lean

The Lean Construction School provides hundreds of ‘best in class’ learning resources that help you to build your understanding. All are free to use and are catalogued by:

  • Topics – the 8 key topics covered by the Lean School are: Introduction to Lean, 5S, Standardised Work, 7 Wastes, Collaborative Planning, Visual Management, Value Stream Mapping, Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement
  • Media type – do you prefer video, e-learning, workshops or web documents?
  • Learning level – beginner, intermediate or advanced

To have a sneak preview click on the Topics or Resources tabs on the navigation bar above to take you to the help you need.  Whilst all our resources are free, to access them we do ask that you register with the School by following the steps below: 

The Lean Construction School is simple to use. Just follow the basic steps below:

1. Register for free online
– This should take no more than 5 minutes. Once registered you can access thousands of resources throughout the School website, in areas such as Lean, Sustainability, Offsite, Management and BIM.

2. Complete the confidential self-assessment – This process helps you to understand better the subject of lean construction and provide you with appropriate resources to develop your knowledge and skills.  This self assessment can be done at a corporate level, ideally with a cross departmental group of colleagues, or simply by an individual. To create an individual account, which can be used as part of your CPD accreditation. You can also create or join a business-wide corporate account.

3. Access your personalised 10 point Action Plan –  Once completed your assessment will provide you with a ten point action plan to build your lean construction knowledge. This will link you to a range of free resources such as e-learning modules, workshops, guidance, tools etc which will help to increase your knowledge and competence in a range of sustainability areas

4. Download your Bronze badge for free! Once you have accessed the resources in your Action Plan and started improving your sustainability knowledge you can download your bronze badge to use in bids, on email footers etc. Click here to find out about Bronze, Silver and Gold membership.

5. Track and benchmark your progress You can monitor your progress at any point, and benchmark your assessment against other School members' scores (individual company details are not provided as all responses are confidential). 

6. Re-assess and update your Action Plan You can re-assess at any time. Re-assessing and working through new Action Plans will support your journey of continuous improvement, allow you to progress to Silver or Gold membership and will illustrate your progress to your clients.

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