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E-Learning Modules

Below is a list of all Lean related CPD accredited e-learning modules. All modules are interactive, featuring activities, videos and short quizzes and run between 30 and 45 minutes. Like all School resources, all our modules are free to access! You will need an account to access the modules, so do make sure you're logged in or click here to register with the School (which should take no more than 2 minutes).


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  • 5S Workplace Organisation

    This module will explain what 5S is, and what best practice in 5S workplaces looks like.

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  • Collaborative Planning and Production Control

    In this module, we will explain the purpose and benefits of collaborative planning, and describe how to conduct collaborative planning on a project

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  • Introduction to Lean

    This e-Module will outline key Lean tools and techniques, and explain how Lean can benefit the construction industry.

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  • Lean Construction and Waste

    In this module, we will explain the three types of work: value adding, supporting value adding and waste.

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  • Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement

    This module will cover the key principles of the Lean approach to problem solving

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  • Standardised working

    In this module, we will describe the benefits of standardising work in the construction industry, and outline how to use process mapping to standardise a simple process.

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  • Train the Facilitator

    This module will help facilitators plan initial steps for delivering face-to-face Lean training

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