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Collaborative Planning and Production Control

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Collaborative planning and production control are methods used to ensure projects and work packages are delivered to schedule. Typically a collaborative plan involves the key individuals responsible for the different trades required to deliver a work package getting together to discuss a schedule of works.

By having everyone together at the same time key bottlenecks can be identified and then worked through in order to establish the most efficient plan for project delivery. A collaborative plan at its most basic involves giving each trade a colour and then dividing what each trade needs to do into a series of smaller (usually daily) steps.

These steps are then superimposed onto a table which has key deadlines on it to understand how these deadlines can be met.   

Once established a collaborative plan is then used to understand what jobs are happening on site on a daily basis, with a more structured review occurring on either a 4 or 10 week basis depending on the size of the project.