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  • Video Lean Construction in 3 Minutes

    A video providing an introduction to Lean and the benefits it can bring

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  • Video Pankow Builders' Lean Culture

    An introduction to the integration of Lean into a construction business, including reference to roles and responsibilities.

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  • Web link 5 Ways to Help Every Team Member Contribute Ideas for Improving Work

    Some simple ideas on how to engage with employees and suppliers on Lean

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  • Video Lean Culture Improves Engagement and Productivity

    Video case study which demonstrates the vale of engagement and productivity in Lean.

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  • Video The History of Lean

    A video which gives some insight on the history of Lean and the benefits it can bring.

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  • Web link LCS Briefing: ISO 18404

    An introduction to the ISO 18404 standard.

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  • Web link Lean Construction - Wiki

    An analysis of the benefits of Lean construction in the UK

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  • Document / Presentation What is Lean Construction and should you adopt it?

    A document which explains how Lean Construction can benefit your business

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  • Document / Presentation Lean Construction from Constructing Excellence

    A summary of the key elements of Lean construction from Constructing Excellence

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  • Document / Presentation "Lean" in the Delivery of Major Railway Construction Works

    Shows Lean in the Delivery of Major Railway Construction Works

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  • Document / Presentation Leadership in a Lean Construction Environment

    Document which explore what good leadership in a Lean Construction environment is.

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  • Document / Presentation Highways England Case Study Poster - Lean Implementation in England

    Poster which provides a summary of Highways England research on the importance of engaging with SMEs and the supply chain.

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  • Document / Presentation Case Study: A14 Integrated Delivery Benefits and Improvement team

    A case study which looks at the benefits of an integrated supply chain on the A14 improvement project

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  • Document / Presentation Lean change, business transformation and ROI

    Article which explores Lean and ROI.

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  • Web link ISO 18404 and what it means

    A Summary article on the ISO 18404 standard

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  • Video The 5 Main Steps of The Lean Manager

    Video which explains the 5 key steps of an effective Lean manager.

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  • Document / Presentation C730 Lean Tools

    Describes how an organisation might trial, demonstrate and roll out lean activities

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  • Document / Presentation Lean Construction: Where are we and how to proceed

    Proposes that a change in the underlying paradigm is happening and that a new research agenda should be established with an outset in the lean understanding of the construction...

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  • Document / Presentation Lean Construction on Birmingham New Street Station

    Shows the application of Lean Construction on Birmingham New Street Station

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  • Document / Presentation A Paper which explores Lean in the highways supply chain

    Tezel, A. Aziz, Z. Koskela, L. (2017). Lean Construction in Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): An Exploration of the Highways Supply Chain

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  • Web link A Lean Strategy Can Really Improve your ROI

    Detailed article which explores how lean can improve return on investment.

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  • Document / Presentation Hilti: Value Stream Mapping

    Show slides about the theory, examples and simulations of VSM

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  • Document / Presentation A Measurement Model for Lean Construction Maturity

    A validated model for Lean Construction maturity is presented comprising of 11 key attributes and 60 behaviours, goals and practices that enable a distinction between levels...

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  • Document / Presentation What Is Lean Construction - 1999

    The applicability of lean production in construction is considered and nature of lean construction discussed in comparison with current practice

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  • Document / Presentation Applying lean thinking in construction and performance improvement

    Discusses principles, methods, and implementation phases of lean construction showing the waste in construction and how it could be minimized

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  • Document / Presentation Reforming Project Management: The Role of Planning, Execution and Controlling

    Paper which explores the role project management in delivering an effective Lean strategy

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  • Document / Presentation Lean Leadership - 15 Rules for a sustainable Lean implementation

    Article by Dombrowski, U. Mielke, T. (2014) which explores the rules for Lean implementation, with reference to training and continuous improvement.

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