Supply Chain School

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The Management School provides resources in a wide range of formats including e-learning, case studies and training workshops. All resources aim to increase your knowledge and competency in 8 key management skills as detailed below. Your personalised tailored Action Plan, will signpost you to those resources which are most relevant to your business and level of knowledge, taking you and your business on a journey of continuous improvement.

  • Leadership & Culture

    Differences between management and leadership ... Read more

  • Change Management

    is a process by which an organisation may... Read more

  • Innovation

    can be defined as a new product, process or... Read more

  • Collaborative Planning

    why clients are increasingly looking for... Read more

  • Quality Management

    from EFQM to the 7 tools of quality, this . . . Read more

  • Project Management

    the skills, knowledge and tools that you . . . Read more

  • Marketing and Business Development

    how to make the business case for . . . Read more

  • Supply Chain Management

    we require a fundamental change in . . . Read more