Supply Chain School

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The Offsite Management School provides resources in a wide range of formats including e-learning, case studies and training workshops. All resources aim to increase your knowledge and competence in 5 key competencies as detailed below. Your personalised, tailored Action Plan will signpost you to those resources which are most relevant to your business and level of knowledge, and the School will take you and your business on a journey of continuous improvement.

  • Design, Manufacture and Assembly

    The design process is the transformation of an idea, needs or wants by consumers or... Read more

  • Offsite Manufacture

    The offsite process needs to be capable to produce... Read more

  • Logistics

    Logistics is a specialised part of the supply chain management process... Read more

  • Onsite Assembly

    Onsite Process is the management and culmination of all project activities... Read more

  • Design for Maintenance

    Best in class facility maintenance is best described as... Read more

  • Management Skills

    Please click to be taken to the "Management" section of our site... Read more