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Onsite Assembly

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The Onsite Process is the management and culmination of all project activities used to deliver the final building or asset, as desired, on time to the customer or user.

The Construction Management Association of America states that:“The biggest cost impacting construction today, is that of inefficiencies built into the way projects are run and managed – not costs of raw materials like steel and concrete, or the cost of labour.”

This Onsite Process section of the School is project rather than production focused. Onsite process is focused more towards the overall control and improvement of a project. There are clearly many overlaps with the tools and techniques that are covered in our Offsite Process resources.

Onsite Process optimisation can be implemented in five elements, which are:

  • Lean construction
  • Waste in construction
  • Tools to identify and eliminate waste
  • Planning and improving workflow reliability 
  • Lean leadership and project success

Good project management as well as implementation of lean techniques will be required if we are to meet the challenges of the UK Construction Strategy 2025. In order to meet these challenges we will need to start implementating strategies now.

However, the effort will be worth it.  Benefits will be derived in every area, and most fundamentally yield greater competitiveness to sustain and grow our business. 

Our ability to offer competitive project offerings will be achieved through:

  • Cost reduction, and improved efficiency / productivity through waste elimination
  • Improved quality, safer environments and improved workforce morale
  • Reliable workflows to schedule for on-time delivery resulting in satisfied owners and customers

We have to remember that we are now operating in a global economy, and that if we don't rise to these challenges then our overseas competitors will.  As a result if we implement these changes, our increased performance will provide new global opportunities for UK construction, and sustainability for the future of our profession.

Key terms:
Lean Construction, Lean Consumption, DOWNTIME, Value Stream Mapping, Last Planner System, Pull Flow, Just-in-Time, Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Last Planner System, Lean Project Delivery System, Weekly Work Planning